Dreaming Complex


– Cho Kyu Hyun
– Park Chan Byul
– Park Chan Yeol
– Choi Min Ho

Support Cast:
– Kris Wu
– Do Kyung Soo
– Lu Han
– Kai

Genre: Romance

Lenght: Chapter

Rating: General

Sequel of:
– Dreaming – Reach It
– Dreaming – Deja Vu

Another Story of:
– The Devil From Heaven
– That I was Once by Your Side
– Winter Cogitation
– Bitter Blossom
– Sharp Arrow
– Late Autumn

***Yang meminta sequel lanjutan kisah Kyuhyun ‘Late Autumn’ here they are!!
Jadi yg sudah baca FF Kyuhyun sebelumnya pasti tau bagaimana kisah Kyuhyun di masa lalu ;) thanks before***

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