About B

Full name : Rubby Nujlaila Rhomadhany
Nick name : Rubby, bey, rubek, and many more.
B.O.D : February 5th 1996
Korean name : Park Neul Chan [박늘찬]  (byul/별)

Japanese name : Saruwatari Kumiko [猿渡 久美子]

Motto : Be Positive++

I’m just an ordinary girl who have an extraordinary dreams~

I learned about graphic design and broadcasting on Pasuruan 1st VHS. I love music so much. I’m addicted with ballad song but rock, hip hop, RnB, hardrock and the other music genre is good for me too. Sometimes feel lonely, but that’s just my opinion, cause actualy I have a lot of friends and family who always there beside me :)

I’m crazy, I can not stop moving, I’m smiling and loud of laughing. But I’m so quite outside. My friends used to call me ‘putri tidur’ (princess bed a.k.a sleeping beauty) and ‘Owl’ because of my habit :D

>> ME <<

-about my wordpress-

This wordpress just like my personal sketchbook. Here I can write and draw all I want to express, my heart, my imagination. This is almost like my own world.
I fantasize, I think about something that is sometimes surreal, something not real. I like to bury things alone, but here I can express everything. Cause something buried it sometimes hurts :)


 Thank you for visited my blog. Need more suggest and critism for you all :)


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